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Toddler Trials

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

Toddlers pick their moments to test us, in the middle of the road, a supermarket or a restaurant. It is hard to not feel embarrassed when they go into full melt down - however here are some tips to keep in mind:


1. Keep calm and carry on. Ignore everyone except your toddler.   No matter where you are, ignore all those around you.   Do not worry what others may think, focus on your child.   Ensure your child will not hurt themselves or others.  Initially, a child’s logical brain will not be functioning. Do not try to reason yet.

2) Stuck on you.  Stay close. Never leave a distressed child alone.  They need your calm emotional state.  Be near, hold your child if you can and talk quietly.  Once your child is calm, take them aside and explain.  Tell them that you can see how upset and angry they are.   Reason and explain why it was not possible to have their way.  Consistency is key.

3) Choose your battles. Decide what really matters and what you can let go of. Trying to control your child, to do what you want all of the time, makes tantrums more likely.


Written for Lulubaby LTD 26/06/2013

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